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1 in 10 Are Free

It's absolutely true. Buy an open water course online and we'll put every 10 people who sign up into a draw and one of you will win it for FREE. That's a 1 in 10 chance of walking away with a dive course worth $350 for free.

We use an independent app to randomly pick a winner and we do live, so you'll be able to see the draw in action.

Imagine just having the most incredible experience of your life and then discovering you got it for Free?

Off the chart excitement i reckon..

So if you are on your way to Koh Tao and you're planning your dive course why not be in with a chance?

  • Buy your course online

  • We'll get in touch to lock in your dates

  • Watch the draw live after your course

  • Keep your fingers crossed for the win

Secure Order

Everything is done through Paypal so you have the luxury of buyer protect.

Change Your Mind

If you change your mind any time up to 3 days before your course starts we'll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

You might be wondering...

Why dive La Bombona. Well, here's 6 good reasons.


Our Boat - We aren't often ones to boast, but we have the best boat on the island by a long way. It has toilets, showers and 3 decks. No other boats compare if you want a little bit of comfort.

La Bombona Nights

'La Bombona Nights' - The brainchild of Bryan, one of the owners, who was in the entertainments game for years. Not surprising we've been voted No.1 Sociable Dive School 2 years in a row. Think BBQs, drinks and trips to the local nightspots.

resort pool

Our Resort Pool - Custom made for diving. It's the perfect environment for learning. We always start in the Pool before taking you to the ocean. An absolute must for anyone with a few butterflies.


Our Wheels - We have 2 of these little beasts. Need to get to the pier? 'No problem, jump in.' If there is someone available, we're always happy to take you on a little scoot. There's only 1 rule. You must wave like the queen of England.

Ope Water Kit

Our Kit - We re-invest in our kit every single year, so no leaks, or bits hanging off. You think that should be a given right? We think so, some don't. It's your life support. It should be in tip-top condition.

LBD Mascot

Our Mascot - We have the best mascot on the island. Hands down. She might not dress like this all the time, but she'll definitely keep you on your toes while you're with us. Meet Olivia.

And If That's Not Enough......

See what our previous students have to say.......

"No Way, Amazing, Just Wow"

"I just had the most incredible time of my life doing my diving course with La Bombona, so even if i hadn't won it would have been incredible, but when they spun that wheel and my name came up, i flipped.  This is hands down the best day of my life.

Melanie R.  England, UK

"Best Week Ever..."

"My heart just exploded out of my chest. Where else in the world can you get the chance to do a lifetime achievement and walk away without paying. I feel like i'm stealing.  Drinks are on me!! "

Matteus V, Dusseldorf, Germany

"I'm so pumped!"

"Tonight is going to be a big one.. We're heading out for dinner tonight with everyone from the dive school and with all this extra cash in my pocket i'm definitely buying steak - Then a lot of cocktails. La Bombona are the best"

Matt C , California, USA